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New front-mount snowblower attachment from Bobcat Company offers compact tractor customers more comfort while clearing snow

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Update time : 2020-12-15 10:54:40
Bobcat Company, a global leader in compact equipment, is expanding its compact tractor attachment offering with the new front-mount snowblower. The front-mount snowblower – available in 49-inch and 62-inch widths – is positioned in front of the machine, rather than behind on a 3-point hitch. The front-mounted attachment provides customers a more comfortable way to clear snow around acreages or barns as they do not need to turn around in their seat to monitor the performance of the attachment.

Features include a two-stage blower design and hydraulic rotating chute to direct snow wherever operators want it. Adjustable skid shoes help scrape the pavements clean or can be set higher to remove snow from gravel lots or driveways. A bolt-on reversible cutting edge is included for added durability.

Toolcat utility work machine with snowblower and spreader blowing snow into dump truck in a parking lot.How It Works
The front-mounted snowblower is driven from the mid-power-take-off (PTO) – which transfers the power   from the compact tractor engine to the snowblower – and  connected via a lift kit. Operators can   hydraulically raise and lower the snowblower and redirect the discharge chute using the joystick. 

Available Models
The new snowblower attachment is available in two models – 49-inch and 62-inch. The 49-inch model is   compatible with the CT1021 and CT1025 models. The 62-inch is compatible with the CT2025, CT2035,   and CT2535 models.

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